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We’re sorry to hear that Otex Corporate Services isn’t working out for you. Have you tried contacting Customer Service (800-538-0812) to solve your problems? We would love to help you any way we can. If you still prefer a refund, please complete the form below and we’ll be happy to review your request and process it as quickly as possible.

Please note if you are requesting a refund for more than one service with Otex Corporate Services a Refund Request form is required for each service. Otex Corporate Services will not accept Refund Requests for multiple services with one request form.
  • Your Information

  • Please take a minute and tell us why you are requesting a refund of your Otex Corporate Services purchase.

  • Please complete the following fields to request a refund. Incomplete submissions will not be processed.

  • Please enter your Otex Corporate Services invoice or receipt number.
  • Please enter the email address you used to make your purchase.

  • Please enter the purchase amount you are requesting a refund for (USD).
  • Please note that approved refunds are made using the same method as the original form of payment.

  • Acceptance of Refund Terms

    Please read the refund terms carefully.

  • All refund request will be reviewed to determine the validity of your request. If your request is found to be valid you will receive a Refund Authorization Number. Allow 7 business days from the date of your refund request to receive a response. All valid authorized refunds will take 4-6 weeks to be processed and received.

    If for any reason delivery of services are found to be have been completed and provided after a refund request has been honored and paid, the original cost of services will become due within 7 days. If payment is not rendered within 7 days of your notification, the amount owing will be sent to a collection agency for further collection activity which will highly and negatively impact on your credit reports and or credit scores.

    Refunds are only processed via this form. Any refund requests posted via PayPal disputes will be declined.

    If you believe you are eligible for a refund, you may request a refund using this form. Requests sent via email or other means will not be considered.

    You may read our full refund policy here: Refund Policy

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

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